Beware of Job Scams

We have been made aware that scammers are targeting people on job boards with fake employment offers from Marsan Exchange. Please read below to protect yourself.

As our company grows, it seems that we have become a target of job scammers. Here is how to protect yourself from job scams which can appear like legitimate work opportunities, where the scammer pretends to work at Marsan Exchange:

Never money

Marsan Exchange will never ask for money or fees at any point during the interview process. If you are being asked to send money as part of your interaction, do not send money. Please report the situation here.

Never buy

Marsan Exchange will never ask you to buy any equipment during the interview process. If you’re being asked to buy an equipment, please do not do that and report the situation here.

Without suspicious communication

Marsan Exchange never asks applicants to communicate through Telegram, Skype or any other text-based messaging app. If you are being asked to download Telegram, Skype, or another suspicious app for a job interview, do not download it. Please report the situation here.

Posts all legitimate job openings

Marsan Exchange posts all legitimate job openings on our careers website. You may come across job postings on various job boards. For your safety, please verify a role exists and apply directly on our website at You can also trust job listings on others sites, and please make sure that the workable URL has /marsanexchange/ in there.

Only verified links

Marsan Exchange communication will always be from email address. Please do not respond to any emails coming from any other domain extension except for those coming from our email address and/or our job board email address which will contain