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The leading non-custodial exchange for Canadians

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Powerful exchange in your pocket


Lowest gas fees

We cover gas/network fees for Bitcoin & Ethereum purchases.

Instant deals

Buy instantly without fees with Interac e-Transfer®.


Your crypto, your control. Your funds stay secure in your wallet.

Transparent activity

Explore your financial journey with transparent transaction history, exportable records, and direct blockchain scrutiny for ultimate transparency and accountability.

App transparent activity
BTC Price dropped

Bitcoin's price dropped 5% to $48,223

ETH Price increased

Ethereum's price increased 7% to $3,521

BTC Price dropped

Bitcoin's price dropped 10% to $50,223

Timely alerts

Stay informed by receiving immediate notifications on market price changes.

Always on pulse

Explore market trends easily with a visually appealing interface that uses dynamic graphics to show price changes.


Marsan Exchange is Licensed as a Money Service Business by FINTRAC to operate in all Canadian provinces and territories.

I need to exchange
$50K to Bitcoin
No problem

Facilitating OTC deals

Our dedicated team ensures a seamless process for deals over $25,000, making your exchange experience as smooth as possible.

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“Very quick and easy. Funds received with no problem.”

Peter Gladkyy

“Safe, fast & Easy, I always use Marsan”


“Fastest transaction”

Samuel Gilbert

“So simple and great services!!”


“Transaction was fast and easy. Fees are competitive .Transparent communication. Great experience overall”



How do I create an account on the Marsan Exchange?

To create an account on Marsan Exchange, simply download our app from the App Store and click on the 'Sign Up' button on the homepage. You'll be prompted to enter your email address, choose a secure password, and complete a verification process. Once done, you'll have access to your new account and can start trading cryptocurrencies.

How to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Acquiring Bitcoin and Ethereum is made effortless with Marsan Exchange. Just install our user-friendly app, input the desired amount, choose between Bitcoin or Ethereum, and click 'Buy' to complete your transaction seamlessly!

Why opt for a non-custodial exchange?

With Marsan Exchange, you're the boss of your funds, holding the keys to your assets. Unlike other places where your money might be stored centrally, here, you're safer from hacks because you're in control, keeping your hard-earned cash more secure.

Does Marsan Exchange charge commission fees?

You can purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum on Marsan Exchange without incurring any commission fees.

If you don’t charge commission, how does Marsan Exchange make money?

At Marsan Exchange, when you buy or sell Bitcoin and Ethereum, there's a small fee called a spread. This fee is calculated by finding the difference between the middle price and the buying/selling price. To know the total fee, just double this number.